Central Wedge Cheese Shop

Stephanie Beeman

Since 2019

All About Us

Stephanie Beeman stumbled upon her future as a cheese shop owner in a Galway alley while visiting Ireland. That day, she learned that cheese shops are actually a thing and she fell in love with the idea of bringing a similar experience to her hometown.  

Prior to starting Central Wedge, Stephanie worked in dairy marketing and her education focused on dairy science, agribusiness, and ag journalism. Her culinary experience includes many years of baking and processing local foods at Beeman’s Baked Goods. She also raised cows, goats, sheep, and swine as a 4-H and FFA member. With a lifelong love of all things dairy, nothing makes Stephanie happier than meeting a cheesemaker and trying their cheese.

Our Vision

We source artisan, farmstead, and specialty cheese, primarily from Pennsylvania cheesemakers, and incorporate those cheeses into educational and nutritional experiences that enrich the lives of our customers and community.

Our Mission

To ensure that we deliver the highest quality cheese, in order to enrich the lives of others, and highlight the passionate people that produce Pennsylvania cheeses.

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